Monday, August 20, 2012

Tiger Lily, Global Tribal Influences

Tiger Lily, Global Tribal Influences

Inspired by the fearless and wild "Tiger Lily" from the fabled "Peter Pan".
Fall 2012, Tribal Fashion is all about Native American inspired fashion and accessories.

Stylist tip: While this trend has inspired several clothing and accessories options to choose from, this season. My stylist opinion is, this trend will take a back seat to the more edgy rock and roll inspired trends; that include leather, lace, jewel tones, studded accessories, ankle boots, and smoking flats. Just to name a few. So if this is a trend you wish to incorporate, I would stick to accessories and make-up. If you really feel, more inspired by the look, a good tribal printed sweater, would be a good investment. Even if the trend fades, accessories can always be incorporated into different trends and a tribal print sweater is a staple at any ski lodge or cold snowy night.

Make-up picks: Mac Cosmetics new line "Style Seeker" global rich earth tone make-up is inspired by the trend. My favorite are the new mattene lipsticks and rich powder blushes.
"Worldly Wealth" a peachy shimmer bronze blush  & "Camden Chic" a Rich Red mattene lipstick, are my top picks from the collection.

Shoes and bag picks: Burberry and Jimmy Choo has the best interpretation of the trend, with braided leather and feather details .

Jewelry picks: Swarovski Crystalized has several necklaces and bracelets that add luxury and sparkle to the trend.

Budget Picks: Forever 21 spirit bird necklace and gold tribal cuff is an inexpensive way to try the trend this fall.

So enjoy that upcoming "Indian Summer" with Global Tribal Fashions.

Fashionably Yours,

Denise Delise

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