Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"The Carrie Diaries" Review, References, and Fashion

As the much anticipated "The Carrie Diaries" Premiered on the CW last night, teens, fashionistas and those longing for the days of "Sex and the City" tuned in to see a fresh faced PG-13 version on Carrie. The CW who targets the tween and teenage market, is looking to make another "Gossip Girl" like hit for the network. Has it lived up?

My favorite aspect of the show would be the continuing contributions of costume designer "Eric Daman" who recently came to the show after the ending of "Gossip Girl". Working under Pat  Fields, on the original "Sex and The City" made him ideal to bring this character to life. The subtle attention to detail, from Carries "C" initial necklace a obvious reference to Carrie's famous "Carrie" nameplate necklace in the series, is what makes him so right for this part. Will the styling in the show influence fashion trends, such as "Sex and the City" and "Gossip Girl" did in the past. My answer is yes, if the story lines don't kill the show first.

The John Hugh's Reference... did we all notice them?
From the camera angles of the line up at the dance, to the car of Carries crush "Sebastian" an obvious Jake Ryan in "16 Candles" reference. Will we be seeing more 80's movie references ?

The better question will the CW demographic get them? This is what leads me to the disconnect with the show. As a child of the 80's, and "Gulp" almost thirty. Will the CW teen viewers get these references. What 16 years old today knows about "Interview" Magazine and Andy Warhol.

The second issue is the character development and execution, the use of the four friend set up. OK we know who the Samantha is,  "Maggie" who we find is cheating on her obviously gay BF "Walt" with a cop. Shocking or contrived, you be the judge? The only saving grace is the relationship between "Larissa" (played by former Dr Who companion, Freeman Agyeman) and "Carrie". The chemistry from the first meeting in Century 21 (nice plug CW), to the night club scene left me wanting to know what these girls would be up to next.

How I related.

Carrie as a whole touched me because I was that girl, at 16 I was taking the train from Long Island to F.I.T. (that Fashion Institiute of Technology, for the non-fashionista's) to do summer programs. I was taking in the city, fashion, and life-style. My first night-club experience was also at 16 in Paris "Les Bains" it left me wide-eyed and wanting a life of my own. Having to face High school after that changed me, I'm curious where it will leave our heroine as well. Will this be another double life scenario set up? The coming episodes will sink or make this show a ratings giant. But I'll be tuning in to see what road it takes, and for the fashion.

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