Saturday, September 27, 2014

Once Upon a Time...Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion for my favorite characters.

Fall has begun at last, and with the start of the new season comes two of my favorite things Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion shows and new episodes of some of my favorite shows.

One such show being "Once Upon a Time" now entering it's fourth season on ABC. The shows female leads are not the princesses we grew up with, they are stronger and in many ways leading a new example for young girls. The trend will continue this season with the "Frozen" story arch that is said to continue the female and especially sisterhood message we grew to love with the movie.

Given fashion is both my chosen field and my one true love, I thought I'd share some stunning Spring/Summer 2015 Ready-to Wear looks direct from the runway. Each of my favorite characters have inspired my trend boards, and maybe come Spring we will all be dressing like our favorite princess.

Tune in September 28th, 2014 on ABC for "Once Upon a Times" fourth season

Ariel, The Little Mermaid portrayed by JoAnna Garcia Swisher on the show can swim between realms and through out the series has proven her usefulness in helping save the day more then once. She now has the ability to walk or swim with the help of a magic bracelet she received from the evil queen. Now thats one handy fashion accessory.

Her look is inspired by the fluid movement of the water that has translated itself in the draping of free flowing fabrics of such designers as Anna Molinari's designs for Blumarine and Christian Siriano. Accessories like this Lanvin gold shell bag are just another way to remind this "Little Mermaid" wear she came from.


What Beast could ever refuse such a beauty as Belle, portrayed by Emile de Ravin. Head strong and fearless, Belle was locked up by the Evil Queen for all 28 years of the curse, until it was broken and she return to her true love Rumpelstiltskin aka as the beast. At the end of season three we saw them married. I hope we see much more of her and the relationship develop in season four.

Belle's signature yellow was all over the S/S 2015 runways this fall. Other looks that inspired me where  Marchesa ultra feminine designs, I could see bookish Belle wearing this librarian look. Belle never goes anywhere without her trusted books, to her knowledge is a powerful weapon. Olympia Le- Tan Appolonia designed a whole collection of clutch's inspired by vintage novels, perfect for our princess.

Once Upon a Time...Belle

Sarah Bolger portrays, Aurora "Sleeping Beauty", we have not seen enough of her story line in my opinion. The biggest development is when Mulan, almost confesses her love for Aurora but stops when she is told Prince Philip and her are expecting a baby. What will become of this prince in season four?

Aurora signature has always ben a rose, and so she was the perfect inspiration for the floral applique trend we are seeing in designs by Alberta Ferretti. The creation of the interwoven floral appliqu├ęs remind me of the growth that sprung up around the beauty as she slept and the soft color scheme is dreamlike for this slumbering beauty.

Sleeping Beauty

We hate to love Regina, "The Evil Queen" played by Lana Parrilla. She is a very complex character and has developed over the last three seasons. When we left off, Regina had made amends for many of the evil things she had done. Saving Henry her son and defeating her sister the wicked witch, put her in the hero category . We though Regina would finally have her happy ending with Robin Hood until, Marian his wife resurfaced. Will she go back to her Evil ways?

Although, she has developed I still view the character as dark. I love to see her in stunning developed evening gowns. Although not the brightest of colors for Spring every girl will always need a LBD (little black dress). I couldn't resist to include a Judith Leiber Swarovski Clutch, who wouldn't take that apple if offered.
The Evil Queen

Snow White, Ginnifer Goodwin is one of the lead characters in Once Upon a Time, her daughter breaks the curse on Story Brook, her husband is well charming. Seems like things where in a great place when we left off in season 3. She had just given birth to a baby boy named Neil and her family was stronger then ever. Will her happy ending continue?

Snow White brings to mind the forest where she lived in exile and hiding for many years. Her color scheme is white to show her pure heart and her spirit is free. Her evolution from tiara's and  balls, to the free spirit of the forest. RedValentino Snow white shoes are a must with dwarf heels are a great added accessories for the fairest of them all.

Snow White

Tune in to "Once upon a time" Sunday September 28, for season 4.

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