Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gossip Girl, Serena Looks.

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl by denisedelise featuring high heel shoes

I very quickly put together one look for Serena, thinking about one of my favorite shows and Gossip Girl.  Sad it will be ending and I never got a chance to costume any of the ladies, but Eric Daman does a fabulous job.
What will be the next go to show that will set the fashion trends?
My vote, with Eric working on the "Carrie Diaries"  I think the CW has a new must watch show. The show takes place in 1984, what will we see fashion wise?
The GG episode "Valley Girls" that flash backs to the 80's, may be a sneak peak of what we will be seeing, one fashionista hopes. 

Alexander mcqueen clutch
$720 -

Burberry belt
$1,025 -

Fashion Week Contest

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fall Trends, Looks For Less.

Fall Trends, Looks For Less.

Fall Trends, Looks For Less. by denisedelise featuring flat shoes

Sitting at home, been horribly sick for the past week. My misfortune is your good luck, as I am stuck in bed and able to bring you some chic and affordable, designer looks for less.

Focusing on just a few Fall 2012 trends such as the Peplum Silhouette, Smoking Flats, Statement Clutch, Pyramid and Spike Embellishments, and Art Deco Jewelry.

This designer look from designer labels Lanvin, McQueen, Ralph Lauren, Valentino, and Elizabeth and James. Is affordable at a fraction of the price when you combine H&M, Forever 21, DSW, Kohls, and Mango. It's still easy to look fabulous for a fraction of the price. Pair this look with a very simple winged eyeliner and a bold red lip, for extra fashionista appeal.

Fashionably Yours,

Denise Delise


Mango slim jeans


Alexander McQueen leather handbag
$1,415 -

Black clutch

Lanvin jewelry

Valentino leather jewelry

Monday, August 27, 2012

Fashion Night Out. NYC Sept. 6

Fashion Night Out.

Fashion Night Out, on Sept. 6th 2012 is quickly approaching, what will you be wearing?

Started four years ago by "Vogue" editor and chief Anna Wintour, Fashion Night Out was an effort to infuse funds into the fashion industry with an all night city wide shopping event in New York City.

FNO has gone global over the years and now every major city around the world is hosting fun shopping events.

wedsite has lists of events in your city, as well as online shopping events.

For a fashionista this is one of the best nights of the year, tons of parties to attend, free swag, and stores stay open all night long for shopping.

So what will you be wearing for fashion night out? Depending on the events and stores you want to shop, dress code can be casual to cocktail.

The web-site has help full tools for planning your night, I myself will be hitting the street, blogging about events and street style.

I find that wedge booties are comfortable, because you will be walking most of the night, jeans, the official FNO t-shirt, and classic blazer makes for a stylish yet comfortable outfit to shop in. Layer on some fantastic jewelry to give it a more personalized touch (lets face it every one will be wearing this t-shirt)

I have yet to make my plans, but I'd love to know what parties you will be attending?

Fashionably yours,


Monday, August 20, 2012

Tiger Lily, Global Tribal Influences

Tiger Lily, Global Tribal Influences

Inspired by the fearless and wild "Tiger Lily" from the fabled "Peter Pan".
Fall 2012, Tribal Fashion is all about Native American inspired fashion and accessories.

Stylist tip: While this trend has inspired several clothing and accessories options to choose from, this season. My stylist opinion is, this trend will take a back seat to the more edgy rock and roll inspired trends; that include leather, lace, jewel tones, studded accessories, ankle boots, and smoking flats. Just to name a few. So if this is a trend you wish to incorporate, I would stick to accessories and make-up. If you really feel, more inspired by the look, a good tribal printed sweater, would be a good investment. Even if the trend fades, accessories can always be incorporated into different trends and a tribal print sweater is a staple at any ski lodge or cold snowy night.

Make-up picks: Mac Cosmetics new line "Style Seeker" global rich earth tone make-up is inspired by the trend. My favorite are the new mattene lipsticks and rich powder blushes.
"Worldly Wealth" a peachy shimmer bronze blush  & "Camden Chic" a Rich Red mattene lipstick, are my top picks from the collection.

Shoes and bag picks: Burberry and Jimmy Choo has the best interpretation of the trend, with braided leather and feather details .

Jewelry picks: Swarovski Crystalized has several necklaces and bracelets that add luxury and sparkle to the trend.

Budget Picks: Forever 21 spirit bird necklace and gold tribal cuff is an inexpensive way to try the trend this fall.

So enjoy that upcoming "Indian Summer" with Global Tribal Fashions.

Fashionably Yours,

Denise Delise

Fall Trends: Looks for Less

Fall Trends: Looks for Less

Dress / Mossimo Women's Tweed Jacket / Michael Antonio high heels / Forever 21 ballet flat / Forever 21 shoulder handbag / J.Crew vintage jewelry / Earrings / BCBG Max Azria waist belt / Sparkling Toe Ballet Flats

Inspired by to Fall 2012 Trends Blue & Metallic.

This "Look for Less" is great for a day at the office and a night out with the girls.

This Simply Vera Wang dress from Kohls, is both on trend and sophisticated. Pair with BCBG belt, Express earrings, Mossimo Target Blazer, and Forever 21 flats and faux blue croc shoulder bag.  For an office appropriate look.

Your boss will love the look, and be even more impressed when you tell her how much you got it for. Who knows, your great budgeting skills, might help you get that promotion after all.

Lose the blazer, earrings, and flats and dress it up for drinks with the girls. Add this J Crew necklace, and gold heels for a pop of glamour, and night time elegance.

The only item over 100.00, is the Lulu Frost for J Crew Necklace, it's "worth the investment"

This is a great option for the fashionista on a budget, You won't feel guilty shelling out 22.00 at your favorite NYC roof top, and buying that new outfit.

Hopefully with my styling tips, the drinks might even be free along with that cute investment bankers number.

Fashionably Yours,

Denise Delisd

Monday, August 13, 2012

Songs, Cocktails, and Red Dresses. A Fashionista's Night Out!

8/12/2012 A Fashionista's Night Out!

Sunday, night I attended the performance of "Song For A New World" at the York Theater on 54th and Lexington. The show featured an out standing performance by my good friend Diana Buchwald. Her ability's as an actress, astonished me. I had known of her abilities, watched her on youtube, but had never seen her perform live. I was truly blown away.

Much like myself, Diana faced the hard reality and struggles it takes to truly follow your dreams. She to has struggled with making it in an industry where luck and connections is much more a factor then talent. Her talent and abilities out shine many of the leading stars of today, but her limited exposure has hindered her ability to get paying work. This production was a way for her to get her name out there, to begin building up her career again. 

Her song's and performance made me laugh and at times cry, she touched a cord within myself, because I know what it is to struggle to fight and claw your way just to get heard. I'm hoping this chance will lead her to another, then another, till she is finally able to pursue her dream full time and get paid for it.

My mother, the most harsh critic of all, who will rip apart even the most Tony Award winning performance couldn't find one bad thing to say. She said "This girl needs to be on Broadway. She's one of the most talented actresses I've ever seen, she stole the show" 

The night concluded with drinks at the roof top of the "Kimberly Hotel" a Raspberry Martin and stunning view.

My outfit a true budget fashionista, a red wrap dress 20.00 at JcPenny Jones New York, a total dupe for a red DVF wrap dress. A Banana Republic necklace bought off e-bay for 11.00 and some change. My Tory Flats because I'm still recovering from a foot injury (missing my heels btw). Some added sparkle, a cocktail bangle I got the night of my 28th Birthday at Swarovski in Soho.

Truly a great night accompanied by my mother, sister and two close guy friends. Made me miss living in Manhattan, but I'm working on moving in as soon as my career starts taking off.

I have to give credit to Diana, much like me we have not given up on our dreams, even if that means living pay check to pay check, and working a second job.

For truly even if you only get to do what you love ever once in awhile, that moment is priceless. That moment when you get to use that God given talent, and create something lasting and beautiful, makes it all worth it. Everything else just fades away, the struggles and sleepless nights, don't seem to matter. For a moment the world gets to see, what you knew all along, that you are talented!

8/12/2012 A Fashionista's Night Out! by denisedelise featuring

Trend: Black & Gold Fall 2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Smart shopping tip for cosmetics.

So as a fashionista on a budget, it's all about cutting corners when it comes to shopping. Today I needed basics, eye make-up remover, make up remover cloths, and on the go makeup remover q-tips. I spent a total of 8.78. For products totaling 29.00. First off be aware of coupons, Ulta always has either 3.50 off or 20% on a purchase if 10.00 or more. You can download them to your phone or print them. Secondly combine the coupon with instore promotions, today everything I needed I could get from Almay, who had buy 2 get one free. So not only do you get one free item but also 3.50 off. Try not to go over 10.00, the coupons are there to entice you in the store and spend. We have all done it, but limit your self. You can always come back with another coupon another day.

Get a rewards card, almost everyone has one. Keep it on a separate key ring in your car so you never forget it.

My ulta rewards card got me another free gift a 11.00 green tea toner, from the body shop.

Cosmetics are something you can save on. This is just one way, you can grab things you need to hold you over till your next fashion week gift bag.

Fashionably yours


Friday, August 10, 2012

Hope. Faith. Love.

Recently I discovered a post about my life had been deleted or removed for some reason about, my recent personal struggles. The post was a detail account of the past few years and how my struggles have brought me to a place in my life blessed by amazing people around me. (why it disappeared is beyond me, since it strived to bring a positive message to the people reading this)

I will not go into as much detail naming people, but would still like my readers to know a personal side to me and a little about my struggles.

Three years ago, my life begin to slowly fall apart...

Seven years with the love of my life seemed to fly by, I anticipated spending my life with John. He was the first man I ever loved, my soulmate! Someone who I have yet to find a replacement for. His love made me choose, the suburbs instead of the city; a life straddling two worlds. My life with him and a life in New York City, with my career. I was happy to lead a double life, to give up fully realizing my potential, because who I was with him felt the best version of myself.

That summer I tried on wedding dresses, his words about getting engaged" it's just a matter of time" echoed in my head. I didn't realize his unhappiness, how so many things where un said. In truth I never thought it could end, there where no signs.

After the break up, I looked at my life and saw a chance to rellocate. To finally move to the city, invest everything into my career. So I began to save...

Later in the year a week before my 26th birthday, I was hospitalized for a cyst on my right ovary. It was removed, it wasn't till a few months later when I had to have another surgery, that we found the cyst had been blocking a tumor. After a staging surgery, we found it was stage 3 Ovarian Cancer.

So much had happened, in such a short time. The business I had tried to build as a Stylist, stopped due to my medical bills, and my inability to work. My savings and dreams of living int he city, could not come true now.

During my fourth surgery in Aug 2011, I lost my ability to have children. Having a full hysterectomy, sent me into menapause. I lost my body with the weight gain, and am very scared from the four surgeries.

Right around this time I found my ex had married and had a son, with the girl he started dating two weeks after we broke up.

In all this time you would think I would hold some resentment, some feelings of anger or remorse for the path I was put on. It is quite the opposite. I truly believed the "path less traveled" as Frost put it, truly brings you to the destination you should be at.

Currently I am being treated at Sloan, my next CT Scan is the 30th.

I came to meet some amazing people through my struggles, those who helped me get back on my feet and have been personal angels guiding me to where I'm meant to be.

I am in such an amazing place in my life, truly turning the page and starting a new chapter in my life. Although I continue to rebuild my life, I know that I will have a foundation built with people who are there to support me and love me for who I am. For we are nothing without the struggles in our lives they build character and make us who we are, and bring us closer to the people we should be with.

My mission in life is to realize the potential I have, to become known and use my presence in the Fashion Industry to bring awareness to Ovarian Cancer, a cancer there is still no screening method for.

I want you to know that, although I will have fun with this blog, sharing trends, and my fashion adventures. That from time to time I will share part of my soul with you as well.

If there are those reading this going through any difficult times, know there is always,

All of which I wish to share with you, you are not alone in your struggles.

Fashionably Your


Burning Desire.