Saturday, August 11, 2012

Smart shopping tip for cosmetics.

So as a fashionista on a budget, it's all about cutting corners when it comes to shopping. Today I needed basics, eye make-up remover, make up remover cloths, and on the go makeup remover q-tips. I spent a total of 8.78. For products totaling 29.00. First off be aware of coupons, Ulta always has either 3.50 off or 20% on a purchase if 10.00 or more. You can download them to your phone or print them. Secondly combine the coupon with instore promotions, today everything I needed I could get from Almay, who had buy 2 get one free. So not only do you get one free item but also 3.50 off. Try not to go over 10.00, the coupons are there to entice you in the store and spend. We have all done it, but limit your self. You can always come back with another coupon another day.

Get a rewards card, almost everyone has one. Keep it on a separate key ring in your car so you never forget it.

My ulta rewards card got me another free gift a 11.00 green tea toner, from the body shop.

Cosmetics are something you can save on. This is just one way, you can grab things you need to hold you over till your next fashion week gift bag.

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