Monday, August 13, 2012

Songs, Cocktails, and Red Dresses. A Fashionista's Night Out!

8/12/2012 A Fashionista's Night Out!

Sunday, night I attended the performance of "Song For A New World" at the York Theater on 54th and Lexington. The show featured an out standing performance by my good friend Diana Buchwald. Her ability's as an actress, astonished me. I had known of her abilities, watched her on youtube, but had never seen her perform live. I was truly blown away.

Much like myself, Diana faced the hard reality and struggles it takes to truly follow your dreams. She to has struggled with making it in an industry where luck and connections is much more a factor then talent. Her talent and abilities out shine many of the leading stars of today, but her limited exposure has hindered her ability to get paying work. This production was a way for her to get her name out there, to begin building up her career again. 

Her song's and performance made me laugh and at times cry, she touched a cord within myself, because I know what it is to struggle to fight and claw your way just to get heard. I'm hoping this chance will lead her to another, then another, till she is finally able to pursue her dream full time and get paid for it.

My mother, the most harsh critic of all, who will rip apart even the most Tony Award winning performance couldn't find one bad thing to say. She said "This girl needs to be on Broadway. She's one of the most talented actresses I've ever seen, she stole the show" 

The night concluded with drinks at the roof top of the "Kimberly Hotel" a Raspberry Martin and stunning view.

My outfit a true budget fashionista, a red wrap dress 20.00 at JcPenny Jones New York, a total dupe for a red DVF wrap dress. A Banana Republic necklace bought off e-bay for 11.00 and some change. My Tory Flats because I'm still recovering from a foot injury (missing my heels btw). Some added sparkle, a cocktail bangle I got the night of my 28th Birthday at Swarovski in Soho.

Truly a great night accompanied by my mother, sister and two close guy friends. Made me miss living in Manhattan, but I'm working on moving in as soon as my career starts taking off.

I have to give credit to Diana, much like me we have not given up on our dreams, even if that means living pay check to pay check, and working a second job.

For truly even if you only get to do what you love ever once in awhile, that moment is priceless. That moment when you get to use that God given talent, and create something lasting and beautiful, makes it all worth it. Everything else just fades away, the struggles and sleepless nights, don't seem to matter. For a moment the world gets to see, what you knew all along, that you are talented!

8/12/2012 A Fashionista's Night Out! by denisedelise featuring

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